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Worried About The Cost of Orthodontic Treatment? Here's What You Can Do

At Collingwood Dental Centre, we believe that cost should never be a barrier to receiving orthodontic treatment. Here are some ideas to help you manage the cost of braces or other orthodontic treatment options.

Paying for Orthodontic Treatment

Plan Ahead

If at all possible, it’s best to start planning for the cost of orthodontic braces or other treatments a couple of years ahead of when you will actually need to pay for it.

Just like planning for other significant expenses, such as a new car or kitchen renovation, planning ahead for orthodontic and dental treatments can help to relieve financial stress.

Confirm Diagnosis & Prioritize Treatments

After your dentist is able to examine you or your child’s mouth and diagnose the specific orthodontic issue requiring treatment, you’ll be able to ask questions and address concerns such as:

  • The specific orthodontic issue that needs to be treated
  • The severity and extent of the orthodontic issue
  • Which treatment options are recommended
  • How long will treatment take
  • When should treatment begin
  • Which issue(s) is/are critical or priority

Talk to your dentist about a customized treatment plan and openly discuss any financial concerns you may have. Your dentist may have some advice for you and be able to indicate alternative treatment options or explain which issues are critical or high-priority to treat, and why.

Check Your Insurance Plan

Dental insurance policies typically stipulate whether orthodontic treatment is covered. In some cases, the insurer may pay a significant portion of the treatment cost. Questions you may want to ask your insurance provider include:

  • Who is covered on my plan?
  • Which orthodontic services will be completely covered, and which are partially covered?
  • Which treatments have I received so far this year?
  • How can I receive discounts on my (or my family's) dental care?

Look for Dental Savings Plans

Do you have a bare-bones insurance plan (or none at all)? A dental savings plan may work for you. You pay an annual fee and you then receive a price break from dentists who accept the plan.

Be sure to read the fine print on these types of policies as they can differ significantly from plan to plan – and to confirm that your dentist is part of the plan's network.

What About Cash Discounts & Payment Options?

Does your dentist accept a number of payment options? One or a combination of these may work for you:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit
  • Cash
  • Cheque

If you don’t require a payment plan for your orthodontic treatment and are able to pay cash upfront, does that affect the final price? Ask your dentist’s admin team for details.

Research Loans

Does your bank or credit union offer loans for orthodontic treatment? Compare the costs of borrowing vs. other options.

Don't Forget the Importance of Early Treatment

We understand that you may have some concerns about the cost of braces or other orthodontic treatment, but the earlier the issue can be treated, the better for the patient’s health (and your bank account). The longer serious orthodontic issues go untreated, the more they can impact your quality of life – and your budget.

Do you have questions about paying for orthodontic treatment? Contact our Collingwood dentists today for advice.

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